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Whether it’s birthdays, conferences, or the office Christmas party: Kintaro Sushi offers catering options that are fresh, delicious, and a little unexpected.

Seafood Nigiri Platter $75

Aburi Salmon Nigiri 8pcs
Aburi Salmon Prawn Rolls 4pcs
Aburi Salmon Avocado Rolls 4pcs
Fresh Salmon Nigiri 4pcs
Fresh Kingfish Nigiri 4pcs
Sushi Prawn Nigiri 4pcs
Kanikama Nigiri 4pcs

Combo Platter $58

Tuna Salad Avocado Rolls 8pcs
Teriyaki Chicken Avocado Rolls 8pcs
Tempura Vegetable Nigiri 4pcs
Ebi Fry Nigiri 4pcs
Fresh Salmon Nigiri 4pcs
Aburi Salmon Nigiri 4pcs

Vegetarian Platter $48

Tempura Vegetable Nigiri 8pcs
Inari 4pcs
Pumpkin Rolls 6pcs
Teriyaki Tofu Rolls 8pcs
Vegetarian Rolls 4pcs
Cucumber Avocado Rolls 8pcs

Happy Rolls Platter $45

Tuna Salad Avocado Rolls 8pcs
Teriyaki Chicken Avocado Rolls 8pcs
Teriyaki Beef Rolls 8pcs
Chicken Avocado Rolls 8pcs
Pumpkin Rolls 6pcs
Cucumber Avocado Rolls 8pcs

Salmon Platter $58

Salmon Sashimi 8pcs
Fresh Salmon Nigiri 12pcs
Fresh Salmon Mini Rolls 12pcs
Fresh Salmon Avocado Rolls 12pcs

Ocean Platter $46

Salmon Sashimi 9pcs
Tuna Sashimi 6pcs
Kingfish Sashimi 6pcs
Scallops Sashimi 3pcs
Hokkigai Surf Clam 2pcs

Mini Rolls Platter $42

Mini Tuna Salad Rolls 12pcs
Mini Chicken Rolls 12pcs
Mini Fresh Salmon Rolls 12pcs
Mini Avocado Rolls 12pcs
Mini Tamago Egg Rolls 12pcs
Mini Cucumber Avocado Rolls 12pcs

Deep Fry Platter $45

Karaage Chicken 8pcs
Spring Rolls 10pcs
Calamari 6pcs
Takoyaki 8pcs
Ebi Fry 4pcs

Surprise your guests with sushi —the perfect finger food— served on one or more of our colourful, no-fuss sushi platters that offer a wide selection of traditional Japanese traditional favourites.

Choose and enjoy

With multiple delicious choices on every platter, there's sure to be something for all tastes. Choose from our six available platters or consult with us to custom-build a platter of your personal favourites.

We’ve catered many successful functions for families and businesses all around Adelaide. Our sushi is always a hit among the guests, young and old alike, and is sure to be the talk of your party.

Your order can be put together with as little as 3 hours notice and can be collected in-store. For platter options, pricing and general enquiries on how to surprise your guests with a healthy, delicious treat they’ll love, please pop in or call the store in which you would like to pick up from

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